dgtMost people prefer to do a job with a fixed salary due to the security it offers. However, if you don’t want to stick to the nine to five schedule in an office under the supervision of a boss, you can consider starting a business. It gives you an opportunity to be your own boss and to make your own rules for your progress and success. In the earlier times and even now, people set up a business in a physical store, market or factory. The popularity of computers and the internet has given a chance to people to start an online business. It is more easy and convenient to have such a business. There is less cost involved in this business. You can do many types of businesses with the help of online tools. The top 5 online business ideas are as follows.

Online Business Coachingjnlk

People who have good knowledge and ideas about business can start online business coaching. Share your ideas about starting and running a successful business that people who are struggling in this field can use. It will help both people who are beginners in a business field but also advanced and experienced businesspersons who want to increase their revenue and sales. Post business articles in different sites or write on LinkedIn.

Sell Photos Online

Selling photos online is a very good option for people who are expert in photography and have an eye for detail. Many sites offer the facility to sell good quality photos. They pay a good amount of money for the pictures. For this, you should have very good and unique photos that will of use to other people. Shutterstock is an online portal that buys photos from people. You can also sell the photos in Fotolia.

gjOnline Boutique

Having a clothes store or online boutique is an ideal way to start a garment business. The fashion designers and people with an interest in clothing and fashion can take benefit of the internet and set up a successful clothing business. It will help you in reaching more number of customers than a real store in the market. People from all parts of the world can order clothes from your boutique site sitting at home only. For this, you need to have a good sale and shipping facility on your site.

Online Teaching And Traininghi

People who are an expert in their fields and have good skills can start a teaching and training business. Teaching languages are high in demand and you can teach any language including foreign languages. You can start a site for teaching how to write well. Teach others writing skills like business writing, content writing,
resume writing and other areas of writing. There are many options for teaching cooking, painting, marketing training and other skills. Take help of online tools like Skype.

Sell Art Prints Online

Artists and people who are expert in painting and other art skills can start an online business of art prints. For this, you have to make an original artwork or painting and then reproduce it to make several art prints. Sell these art prints to other people through a website of your own. Let other artists from other places also sell their art on your site. You can start this business part-time from your home only.

Online Business Ideas